Ralie Deffenbaugh

The Lutheran church, among other churches played an important role during the transition to independence in Namibia. See this interview with Ralie Deffenbaugh, then director of the Lutheran Office for World Community, about his experience how he and the church got invovled in the struggle for independence in Namibia. Mr. Deffenbaugh now serves as President of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service in Baltimore.

The videos with Ralie Deffenbaugh will soon be available online!

Part 1:
– The situation in Namibia before its independence
– What Lutherans have to do with Namibia
– How Ralie Deffenbaugh got involved

Part 2::
– The Lutheran and other churches’ specific contribution to the transition to independence
– The role of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Part 3:
– The Lutheran stand to SWAPO and South Africa
– What it means for Lutherans to be involved
– Ralie Deffenbaugh’s daily work
– “bring the kingdom near”

Interview: Christian Albers

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