An invitation to join the conversation!

It has to have US in it” – This is what churches, orders, religious organizations and countless individuals have said when the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted in 1948, and what they continue to say today as they advocate for human rights of all people.

It has to have YOU in it” – This is our wish for this website. We are starting a global conversation on the churches involvement in Human Rights. Whether you are an expert, a local activist or someone who never really thought about the connection between human rights and faith before, we invite you to post a comment, write an article or even make a video. You could be a devout Christian, a doubter or not a Christian at all – you are welcome to contribute to this blog.

Tell us:

– What is your experience with the churches and Human Rights? Are you invovled personally or do you know of others who are?

– Why should churches, orders and religious organizations care about Human Rights?

– What is your story about Human Rights or the violation of Human Rights?

Just click here and tell us what you think or read comments posted by othes.

If you want to get more invovled, please contact Emily.Davila AT We welcome suggestions for resources, and contributions of other forms of media such as a video, graphics or audio files.

1 Response to “An invitation to join the conversation!”

  1. 1 Ayano Chule July 8, 2008 at 4:06

    I am a reverend minister in the Lutheran Church of Ethiopia. I lost my wife and son to AIDS. I am living with the virus (HIV)for the past eight years.
    I noticed that the stigma in the churches is much severe than in the cicil society.As christians the scripiture challenge us to love every bodylike ourselves.Unfortunately the case with an HIV postive preist or pastor is different. I wanted to be an advocate for many people both ordained or not christians or not that their rights should be repected with their conditions.It is on this ground that I met mr. Christian Alberts and wanted to join this movement to leberate people and myself from unjust social, and religious structures in our time.
    I f we do not do something today, history will judge us.

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